Love Me at Sunset

a Mansions Collection romance

Coming October 17, 2017


An ex-con reforming his life. A pregnant widow hiding her past. Will the price of her secrets cost her his love?


Catarina Romano has lost everything: her husband, her house, her lifestyle. Driven to the countryside to hide from the media and the scandal surrounding her, she discovers she is pregnant. Although she needs time and space to adjust to her new circumstances, she can’t help but feel bored and lonely at her cousin’s empty manor in the heart of Portugal.


Afonso Cortez is done with all the lies. Fresh out of prison for trusting the wrong person, he’s ready to leave his past and look ahead to new opportunities. The remote Linden Tree Manor is the perfect solution, promising to provide Afonso with the solitude he craves while he restores the grounds to their former glory.


When the new groundskeeper arrives, Catarina avoids him, not wanting to further complicate her life. Soon Catarina finds herself intrigued and drawn to him. But Afonso wants to know the truth about her and that’s a secret she’s not ready to share.


Will Afonso accept Catarina as she is? Or will she lose the man who might just restore her belief in love?